The Next Revolution in 3D Storytelling

SID is a 3D Camera that offers the BEST immersive and stereoscopic viewing experience. Don’t just record the special memories, start re-living the experience in unbelievable life-like 3D format.

$80K USD Funded  

We launched a successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2017.


I start the design from knowing how to take good 3D videos.

When you are watching the footage back on a headset in 3D, the motion blur can make you quite dizzy and nauseous as the camera moves unstably around the environment. Therefore my first goal is to make a small compact 3D camera that is compatible with gimbals for action cameras.

I found out that when you take a video with dual wide-angle lens (FOV 160) using such a small device, the hand grip feature of the camera will block part of the scene. Therefore I design the front side to be simple, which makes it look like there is no place to hold the camera from the front.

Bottom Layout

There is a big power button on the front of the camera, which also allows you to switch the camera between stills and video mode once it is turned on.


On the top, there are two more buttons. A raised button to take a photo or start and stop recording a video, and a concave button for turning WiFi on or off, so you can connect the camera to your phone and see what the camera sees while you are recording.


In between the two buttons on the top are several LED indicators to show you whether you are shooting stills or a video and if you are “live”.


SID Camera App

The SID Camera App is designed to control SID 3D Camera on the phone. You can adjust settings of the camera, see live-view while recording, and download videos and photos to watch or easily share with your friends.

3D Clip App

The 3D Clip App lets you trim, adjust, collate and edit your clips. You can also add music and export the clips out to watch or share. It is essentially a mobile editing app for your SID 3D footage. It also lets you add elements into the video, such as 3D text, and you can adjust the parallax of that text to move it forward or backwards in your scene.


3D Fun App

The 3D Fun App allows you to create quick, boomerang-type of videos from a shot on your camera. It takes the left and right views seen by the camera to create a short 3D effect animation bouncing between the two. You can then post this 3D animation to Facebook, Instagram or other social media.

Package Design

SID camera can be seen through in the transparent package. This effect can help customers understand that it is a unique camera with a dual lens and that the size is small.

The front image is a whale that jumps out of the water, which aims to emphasize to the customer that 3D storytelling could be something amazing.

Design and creation of WEEVIEW Official Website

Since a successful crowdfunding campaign, SID camera has been introduced to the market. Therefore I built this website to let people who are interested in this product know more about it and get in touch with us easily.


Set Up Crowd Funding Campaign

Write a script for crowdfunding video, create attractive crowdfunding content to attract visitors. Promote campaign with social media.  


Set Up E-commerce

Set up web store on official website and sell products on E-commerce platforms, like Amazon. Promote products with social media. 


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