Adds a second camera to your phone

Refocus the scene

The main feature of the product is to add depth information to your pictures, allowing you to add bokeh effects as well as to refocus the scene.

When taking pictures, the Eye-Plug functions as a depth sensor instead, while using your phone's main camera to shoot the actual image.

Back in 2016, it was rare to see a second camera from the back side of our smartphones. EYE-PLUG let users add a second camera to their phones in just a second.

Development Process

I tested different ways of plugging a second camera into the smartphones. My design has a rotation feature which lets the lens rotate 180 degree to work together with the rear camera or the front camera of smartphones.

Photos Taken by EYE-PLUG

These bokeh-effect photos are made by EYE-PLUG

2019 by SHUN-FA YANG