ApolloVue™ B100

Improving healthcare and human welfare

The ApolloVue™ B100 Image System is a bench-top full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) system for non-invasive medical examination. With a unique crystal fiber light source, ApolloVue™ B100 provides cellular level images of excised tissues or cultured cells. The digital and high resolution images can be used or analyzed by on-site or remote medical practitioners or researchers to assist the formation of clinical judgments. ApolloVue™ B100 provides fast, precise 3D measurements and enables users to review data in both en-face and cross-section images.

Design Input

Before I started sketching my design idea, I discussed about the device with its engineers to know the design limitations and with medical experts to know the user scenario. I made a quick mock-up to confirm with the engineers that the way of operating I am thinking about is feasible.

Idea Sketch

The main feature of the design is the sliding lid on the top. The operation procedure is the following: first open the lid then insert the sample cassette on the stage. My concept is to highlight the design of the lid with a different shape and finishing.

Final Concepts

The client picked up two idea sketches for 3D rendering to make the final decision. 

LAB Device

Me and my team were continuously testing the device and modifying it for the final production.

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