Handheld dental x-ray machine

AG100 features the use of cold cathode X-ray tube to replace the conventional X-ray tube. The competitive advantages of AG100 are low radiation dose, low power consumption and high quality images. AG100 also comes equipped with backscatter shield to protect operator from radiation exposure. AG100 adopts lithium polymer battery for power supply, and it is completely portable.

Design Input

I conducted interviews with dentists and simulated the use of the device to understand user needs.

The first priority for the dentists when choosing an X-ray product is the safety issue. This aspect is addressed by minimizing the radiation dose. The next important aspect is the ease of use. I let the users hold the device just like they would hold a digital camera, which is good for usability. In this way the design fits users’ experience and also feels friendly for the patient. The big screen is another positive feature of the design - it lets the dentist easily choose the correct settings of the device.

Idea Sketch

Based on the design input, my concept is to let the device be operated like a digital camera. The hand grip is an important feature for good grip while operating the device is essential to correctly perform an X-ray. Similarity to a digital camera ensures that users can feel confident and comfortable to hold the device and the learning curve for new users is minimized.

3D Rendering

2019 by SHUN-FA YANG