About me

I’m Shun-Fa Yang, an industrial designer from Taiwan who now lives in the Netherlands. My work experience focuses on designing electronic products. In 2009 I started working at WISTRON, which is the world leading TSP (technical Service Provider) company. I was employed at the design center, which allowed me to participate in many exciting projects and convert idea concepts into real products. I cooperated closely with mechanical engineers, electronic engineers as well as colleagues from other fields. My goal was to help our clients make their design feasible for mass production, maintain product quality and provide efficient assessments while keeping the costs down under the tight schedule. 

In 2016 I joined a startup company WEEVIEW, which was created to bring to market the applications of its core technology - the visual depth algorithm. My first goal was to launch our 3D camera ‘SID’ on the crowdfunding platform KICKSTARTER and promote the product. In this project not only was I fully responsible for the product design, with which I was already experienced with, but I also created the APP design - from user interface flow to user interface graphic. Furthermore, I designed our crowdfunding page and conducted online promotion through social media. In the meantime, I moved to the Netherlands to live with my family. Thanks to the move I gained experience in working remotely with my colleagues and became successful in keeping the productivity and flexibility of my work no matter the circumstances. .


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