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My Featured Projects

SID 3D Camera

SID is a 3D Camera that offers the BEST immersive and stereoscopic viewing experience. Don’t just record your special memories, start re-living the experience in unbelievable life-like 3D format.


Eyeplug adds a second camera to your phone. You are able to take pictures that can be refocused.

ERI AG100 - Handheld Dental X-ray

AG100 features the use of cold cathode X-ray tube to replace the conventional X-ray tube. The competitive advantages of AG100 are low radiation dose, low power consumption and it provides high quality images.

ApolloVue™ B100

The ApolloVue™ B100 Image System is a bench-top full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) system for non-invasive medical examination.

MiSelect R System

The MiSelect R System can be placed anywhere and used by anyone with just a few hours of training. It provides consistent access to the raw materials (rare cells, CTCs, immune cells) necessary for medical researchers and drug developers to perform groundbreaking single-cell downstream analysis.


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